Science City is comprised of over 150 unique participants booths, each created to engage and inform our visitors of all ages. Volunteers and staff assist in creating an optimal visitor experience.

Please inquire with a member of the team should you have any questions. Click here for a contact list of Science City Tent Managers.

Participation Requirements:

• Required to participate both days (Sat & Sun; 9:30am-5:30pm)
• Provide an interactive educational activity, demonstration and/or display
• Provide a professional presentation (tablecloth, name tags, quality materials/equipment)
• Provide formal signage identifying your organization (banner, poster, etc.)
      If providing a banner to be hung, please turn into Flandrau Planetarium and Science Center in February. Must be picked back up again on the week after the festival.
• Staff your booth at all times
• Staff/volunteer(s) must wear shirt, vest or name tag that identifies your organization during event
• Must have a literary display of one or more books or a reading list that relates to your booth activity or organization
• Attend Science City participant meeting

Science City 2021 POSTPONED


Open House/Tour Participation Requirements:

Same requirements as above as they apply plus:
• Provide attendee tour tickets to be handed out at Science City Visitor's Center to Flandrau Planetarium and Science Center by the Wednesday before the festival.
• Provide a professional presentation of your open house/tour
• Provide additional signage if needed to identify your location (Science City will provide one 24"x36" foam core sign identical to the promotional flyer)
• Contact Luis Rocha of UA Facilities Management to confirm service needs
• Attend Science City participant meeting

Science City 2021 Postponed


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