Discover how the worlds of science and art intersect to provoke thought, wonder, creativity, and beauty.

Fields of science may include: forensics, astronomy, optics, physics, physiology.  


Every moment of our lives is shaped by science. It’s the air we breathe, the cars we drive, the sports we play, and in all of the everyday items we use.

Fields of science may include: sports, energy, safety, transportation, consumer science. 

Learn how scientists are thinking about food in new ways to fuel our world, cure hunger, create medicine, and promote healing.

Field of science may include: nutritional science, native plants, farming and gardening, agricultural research. 



Explore the beauty and diversity of Earth’s plant and animal kingdoms. Experience the the wonder of landscapes and oceans that make up our planet.
Fields of science may include: animals, Earth, environmental, plant. 

Experience how scientists challenge today's understanding of the physical world and advance the frontiers of space, technology, and information systems to shape our future.
Fields of science may include: space, data, engineering, optical, physical, robotics. 

Unveil the mysteries of the mind, body, and brain to gain a better understanding of humankind. Discover scientific breakthroughs that affect you and those you love.
Fields of science may include: medical, behavioral, public health, language, human body.